Littlepopup wants to instill the need for a conversation about quality: to take a breath, creating a moment to pause and ponder our choices as consumers.  We live in a fast-paced world, but littlepopup invites you to join a community where we can slow down together and make responsible and creative decisions.

Dimitra Zavakou sees littlepopup as a creative platform for artistic and stylish expression. littlepopup within its colorful world of lifestyle and fashion makes inspiring pop up stores and writes magical concepts. The story of littlepopup extends beyond simple words such as clothes or fashion. It is the exploration of ourselves and the magical discoveries of personhood.

Littlepopup carefully and lovingly crafts events around a basic ideology: every craftsperson involved must be producing from their hearts, from their passion.  Whether held within the warm, aromatic walls of a coffee shop or in the sleek, mirrored halls of a ballet school, littlepopup succeeds in bringing together those dedicated to fashion and to their local artistic community.  As the founder of littlepopup, Dimitra is passionate about helping others create their own community by helping to craft their concept, setting up a workshop, or imagining and developing a littlepopup in its entirety.

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Date Time Contents Place
 27 June – 5 July  12 – 19 Curated Pop Up – Greek Fashion  Auguststr. 91, Mitte
24 – 27 February 11 – 19 The glow edition Brunnenstrasse 195
18 – 21 February  13 – 18.30 littlepopup and plaisir Kopernikusstr 12, 10245 Berlin, Germany
18-20 December 11-12 December  12-20 REIMA POP UP #REIMAPOPUP  Auguststr. 91, Mitte

 5-6 December  11-19 HIMBEER POPUP-SHOP  Auguststr. 91, Mitte

27-28 November 20-21 November  12-20 REIMA POP UP Enjoy the premium quality of REIMA outdoor kids wear and bring your kids to join the art workshops from 15:00 -18:00. #REIMAPOPUP  Auguststr. 91, Mitte

 13-14 November  11-19 Gallery Sales  Auguststr. 91, Mitte

 10 July  11-19 The Backyard  Auguststr. 91, Mitte

 21 – 22 June  S.12-19h M.10-20h Little Berlin Pop Up feat. Paul & Paula  Auguststr. 91, Mitte

24 May – 26 May 11-19h Little Berlin Pop Up feat. Paul & Paula Torstrasse 161, Mitte

15 April – 17 April 12-19h Easter littlepopup shop Brunnenstrasse 11, Mitte

28 Feb. – 2 March   Pop Up Shop at the International Trade Show Dedicated to the Universes of Children Bruxelles. Little Fashion Week


7 – 8 December 11-18 Christmas Family Market HIMBEER Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str. 7, 10407 Berlin

19 September   [littlepopup] Shop Erdbaer und Unsere Schlemmertüte PopUpShop

18 September   Event for families by [littlepopup] Erdbaer und Unsere Schlemmertüte PopUpShop

15 September   WANNA PLAY in Athens six d.o.g.s

11-13 July   Berlin Trend Space CFC Cologne

7-8 July   the HTNK OneDayShop kleine fabriek

29 June   [littlepopup] at HIMBEER HIMBEER

29 June 16h live animation usaginignen

15-16 March 12-18 [littlepopup] presents Mila & Tara Mookij Berlin

27. Feb – 2 March   Flowers by Open Project. We play with the theme ‘flowers’ at our 4 days changing pop-up with food, fashion, flowers, wine, photos and workshops. With Daniel’s Eatery [littlepopup] and Mookij Mookij Berlin

19.Jan   Fashion and collective paper aesthetics workshop Mookij Berlin

13-14.Jan   the HTNK OneDayShop in Amsterdam kleine fabriek


8-9.Dec    Christmas sales popup shop Auguststrasse 91, Mitte

24-25.Nov   littlequirkypopup a creative collaboration between littlepopup and online boutique quirky collective!The event will include a styling session from quirky collective and an online auction aiming to raise funds for two children’s charities close to their hearts. Auguststrasse 91, Mitte

13-17.Oct all day POP-UP TOUR Auguststrasse 91, Mitte

13.Oct all day origami  

08-09.Jul all day the HTNK OneDayShop kleine fabriek – Amsterdam

19-23.Jun all day SUMMER POP-UP TOUR Kinder-wirtschaft Berlin

23.Jun 17h storytelling and live drawing  

30.Mar-03.Jun all day SUMMER POP-UP TOUR kreuzzwerg Berlin

01.Jun 14h International children’s day with ice cream for all kids, facepainting, muffin decoration and activities for kids  

12-26.Mar all day SUMMER POP-UP TOUR Papillon Berlin

19.Mar 15h fashion show with choreography! made by the dance team ‘Papillon  

26.May-14.Apr all day POP-UP TOUR Knilchbar Berlin

07.Apr 15h easter creative egg hunt  


A pop-up store defies traditional notions of a shop. Possessing an ever-changing list of participants, having no fixed address, and creating an exciting environment in which to house the offered products are all elements of what make a pop-up shop engaging and vibrant. These ephemeral spaces allow craftspeople to focus on their passions without compromising artistic integrity and quality in the wake of rising overhead costs. Pop-up shops also allow smaller brands to enter into larger marketplaces and share their wares with a new and curious audience. The innovative concept of a temporary shop location invites designers and consumers alike to think outside of the traditional definition of a retail experience and discover the passion and energy behind their new favorite brands.


All great endeavors start with an idea. In order to grow, that idea must be textually clarified and represented. Before entering the initial phases of production many areas need to be considered including: how to best communicate the philosophy and image of the brand, what story your event shall tell, how to offer shoppers a satisfying and engaging experience, and other key points. Littlepopup is qualified and willing to help turn ideas into statements and to help build a foundation before clients commence independent production. 


Littlepopup seeks to create not just retail spaces, but memorable and fun events for all. Pairing fashion with a plethora of lifestyle activities transforms a simple space into a playful realm. Scouting the perfect location and taking advantage of social networks and advertising channels are important when making an event a reality. Every detail becomes a part of the story.


Whether its motivating adults or children  to pair their fashion aesthetic with their mood and developing sense of self or guided personal styling, littlepopup is available to organize a workshop suited to your lifestyle and brand.


Entering a new market can be a daunting task, littlepopup endeavors to make it easy and fun for designers and craftspeople to seamlessly introduce their pieces to the creatively palpable city of Berlin. Lively discussions of trends, themes, guidelines, and audience will be had.


fashion brands, accessories, online shops littlepopup loves to present.


littlepopup collaborates creatively with:

To personalize a littlepopup package with one or more of the mentioned services and to become a part of the creatively conscious and aesthetically appealing community of littlepopup contact Dimitra at:






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