Dimitra Zavakou

Your premier pop-up organizer

Little popup wants to instill in the younger generation the need for a conversation about quality and sustainability: to teach our children to take a breath, creating a moment to pause and ponder our choices as consumers. We live in a fast-paced world, but Little popup invites you to join a community where we can slow down together and make responsible and creative decisions.

Dimitra Zavakou sees Little popup as an exploration into childhood and early creative discoveries of personhood. The story of Little popup extends beyond simple words such as clothes or fashion.

Little popup carefully and lovingly curates events around a basic ideology: every brand, artisan, designer, craftsperson involved must be producing from their hearts, from their passion. Whether held within the warm, aromatic walls of a coffee shop or in the sleek, mirrored halls of a ballet school, shop, gallery or exhibition, Little popup succeeds in bringing together those dedicated to children’s style and arts and to their local artistic community, introducing strong ideologies. As the founder of Little popup, Dimitra is passionate about helping others create their own community by helping to craft their concept, setting up a workshop, or imagining and developing a Little popup in its entirety.


What can Little Popup do for your business?