Curator, consultant and pop-up organizer of sustainable fashion.

Little popup has been a pioneer in introducing sustainable fashion brands since 2012 in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels, Florence and Athens. Little popup is specialized in creating fashion events that introduce market innovations, as well as curating fashion pop-up shops with the aim to instill the need for a conversation about quality, sustainability and resilience. We live in a fast-paced world, but Little popup invites you to join a community where we can slow down together and have a more responsible consumer behavior.

Dimitra Zavakou sees Little popup as a movement to raise awareness on positive change. The events created – whether held within the warm, aromatic walls of a coffee shop or in the sleek, mirrored halls of a ballet school, fashion exhibition, shop or art gallery – succeed in bringing together those dedicated to adults or children’s style and arts and to their local artistic community, introducing strong ideologies.

Current work

Little popup has been curating the platform The Nest in collaboration with Pitti Bimbo / Pitti Immagine – since the beginning of its creation – and is a brand consultant for The Kid’s Lab! at Pitti Bimbo / Pitti Immagine. Also you can find the successful Little popup event ‘Treasure Hunt’ around many cities, introducing ethical brands to consumers, as well as many educational workshops in collaboration with artists. Please check the list of events for more details of previous work.

photo credit: Petros Chytiris


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