Creating since 2012, fashion experiences, promoting sustainability. Imaginative curations * Concept Lab * consultancy + research.

Dimitra Zavakou, has been creating fashion experiences since 2012, promoting sustainability.
With the vision that sustainability will become a very important topic in the future,
Dimitra has always introduced sustainable brands within the market, as well as
influenced people to support sustainable solutions and create awareness
As a pioneer in introducing sustainable fashion brands since 2012 in Berlin,
Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels, Florence and Athens, the aim was always to
promote positive change in an artistic way. One of the first events in the global
market about sustainable fashion in 2012 (and the second popup store after Comme
des Garçons in Germany), to introduce the popup stores experiences and
innovations in Germany.
Specialized in creating fashion events with the aim to instill the need for a
conversation about quality, sustainability and resilience, Dimitra Zavakou sees Little
popup as a movement to raise awareness on a more sustainable living.

Current work

One of the most important moments, has been the collaboration with Pitti Bimbo. Since 2016 Dimitra Zavakou (Little popup) has been curating with Pitti
Bimbo / Pitti Immagine, The Nest (since the beginning of its creation). The Nest is a
platform where emerging new brands are presented, following an international talent
scouting. Counting amazing projects and growth together, since 2018 Dimitra has
been a brand consultant for  the overall areas – with a focus on the Ecoethic area
Pitti Bimbo / Pitti Immagine
This year they also introduced the service We Are Here For You, a digital innovation!
One of the most creative collaborations with Pitti Immagine Group, promoting
sustainability in the retail market on a worldwide level directly to buyers and press.
Also this year they launched the projects I want to be green, Around Kids and The
Nest Crew.
The interviews I WANT TO BE GREEN created awareness on sustainable fashion
brands and buyers. Moreover, THE NEST CREW presents the brands that have grown with the
support of Pitti Bimbo x Little popup on their early stage. And Around Kids is a
special project connecting likeminded parents.

Other events

Also you can find the successful Little popup event ‘Treasure Hunt’ which has taken place in Berlin and Athens – and with potential to go around more cities – introducing sustainable brands, as well as many workshops around sustainability in collaboration with sustainable institutions.

Please check the list of events for more details of previous work.



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