From small individuals to established firms Little Popup is the right partner for your next promotional event.

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Pop-up store

A pop-up store defies traditional notions of a shop. Possessing an ever-changing list of participants, having no fixed address, and creating an exciting environment in which to house the offered products are all elements of what make a pop-up shop engaging and vibrant. These ephemeral spaces allow craftspeople to focus on their passions without compromising artistic integrity and quality in the wake of rising overhead costs. Pop-up shops also allow smaller brands to enter into larger marketplaces and share their wares with a new and curious audience. The innovative concept of a temporary shop location invites designers and consumers alike to think outside of the traditional definition of a retail experience and discover the passion and energy behind their new favorite brands.

Written concept

All great endeavors start with an idea. In order to grow, that idea must be textually clarified and represented. Before entering the initial phases of production many areas need to be considered including: how to best communicate the philosophy and image of the brand, what story your event shall tell, how to offer shoppers a satisfying and engaging experience, and other key points. Little popup is qualified and willing to help turn ideas into statements and to help build a foundation before clients commence independent production.

Organization and production

Little popup seeks to create not just retail spaces, but memorable and fun events for all. Pairing fashion with a plethora of lifestyle activities transforms a simple space into a playful realm. Scouting the perfect location and taking advantage of social networks and advertising channels are important when making an event a reality. Every detail becomes a part of the story.

  • Socio Branding
  • Positive Change¬†
  • Continual Improvement¬†


Whether its motivating adults or children to pair their aesthetic with their mood and developing sense, little popup is available to organize a workshop in collaboration to artists and food artists, suited to your lifestyle, brand and ideology.

Creative direction

Entering a new market can be a daunting task, little popup endeavors to make it easy and fun for designers and craftspeople to seamlessly introduce their pieces to the creatively palpable city of Berlin – where little popup is based – or any other city. Lively discussions of trends, themes, guidelines, and audience will be had.